April 16, 2015

Who We Are

The UNTHSC Vision: Be an extraordinary team, committed to excellence, unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

The UNTHSC Division of Academic Innovation: To be extraordinary leaders of educational improvement through innovation.

The UNTHSC Mission: Create solutions for a healthier community.

The UNTHSC Division of Academic Innovation Mission: Advance transformative educational experiences.

The UNTHSC Division of Academic Innovation Goals: To help make UNTHSC the team of choice for education by:

  1. Building communities, connections, and partnerships at UNTHSC.
  2. Working closely with internal partners to advance and measure student success.
  3. Sharing our research acumen and innovative practices to better understand the impact of technology on teaching.
  4. Providing creative and intuitive learning design that is infused with technology and multimedia.
  5. Leading the initiative to create an interdisciplinary teaching scholars program.


Kim Meyer, Ph.D., MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA

Executive Director, Division of Academic Innovation
Book an appointment: https://kim-meyer.youcanbook.me
Areas of Expertise: Curriculum Design, Instructional Technology, Medical Simulation, Educational Assessment, Faculty Development


John McKenzie

John M. McKenzie, MA, MS

Director of Educational Development, Division of Academic Innovation
Location: UNTHSC LIB 453
Email: john.mckenzie@unthsc.edu
Phone: 817-735-0439
Areas of Expertise: Canvas, Instructional Technology, Online Course Development, Program Design, Certified Digital Accessibility Specialist


Laura Moore

Laura Moore

Senior Administrative Coordinator
Location: UNTHSC LIB 448
Phone: 817-735-2992
Email: Laura.Moore@unthsc.edu
Areas of Expertise: Administration, Budget


Rens Bais

Rens Bais, BSc

Senior Instructional Media Specialist
Location UNTHSC LIB 451
Email: Ernesto.Bais@unthsc.edu
Phone: 817.735.2972
Areas of Expertise: Video Production, Media Technologies, and MediaSite


Adam Van Fossen

Adam Van Fossen

Instructional Media Specialist
Location: UNTHSC LIB 451
Email: adam.vanfossen@unthsc.edu
Phone: 817-735-2981
Areas of Expertise: Video Production, Photography, Video Editing, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop


Jami Woychesin

Jami Woychesin, MS, Ph.D.

Instructional Designer
Location: UNTHSC LIB 454
Email: jami.woychesin@unthsc.edu
Phone: 817-735-2951
Areas of Expertise: Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Multimedia Technology, Learner-Centered Teaching, Project-Based Curriculum Development, Differentiated Instruction


Honor Anderson

Honor Anderson, MA

Instructional Designer
Location: UNTHSC LIB 456
Email: honor.anderson@unthsc.edu
Phone: 817-735-2931
Areas of Expertise: Instructional Design, Pedagogy, Assessment, Academic Technology, Curriculum Design & Development, Creative Instruction, Student-Centered Engagement


Byron Marks

Byron Marks, Jr., M.S.

Instructional Designer
Location: UNTHSC LIB 455
Email: byron.marks@unthsc.edu
Phone: 817-735-2941
Areas of Expertise: Instructional Design, Multimedia Technology, Learner-Centered Teaching, Gap Analysis, Instructor-Led Course Development, Online Course Development


Jiaqi Yu Headshot

Jiaqi Yu, M.Ed.

Instructional Designer
Location: UNTHSC LIB 454
Email:  jiaqi.yu@unthsc.edu
Phone: 817-735-2991
Areas of Expertise: Instructional Design, Online Learning, Project-Based Learning, User Experience


Caroline Gourley

Caroline Gourley, B.S.

Instructional Technology Specialist
Location: UNTHSC LIB 444
Email: caroline.gourley@unthsc.edu
Phone: 817-735-5436
Areas of Expertise: Instructional Technology, Canvas Support