April 16, 2015

Who We Are

The UNTHSC Vision: Be an extraordinary team, committed to excellence, unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

The UNTHSC Center for Innovative Learning Vision: To be extraordinary leaders of educational improvement through innovation.

The UNTHSC Mission: Create solutions for a healthier community.

The UNTHSC Center for Innovative Learning Mission: Advance transformative educational experiences.

The UNTHSC Center for Innovative Learning Goals: To help make UNTHSC the team of choice for education by:

  1. Building communities, connections, and partnerships at UNTHSC.
  2. Working closely with internal partners to advance and measure student success.
  3. Sharing our research acumen and innovative practices to better understand the impact of technology on teaching.
  4. Providing creative and intuitive learning design that is infused with technology and multimedia.
  5. Leading the initiative to create an interdisciplinary teaching scholars program.

We provide specialized services in the following areas. Please click on the links for more information:

  • Canvas Administration oversees the Canvas Helpdesk, user account management and other Canvas related issues.
  • Instructional Design and Educational Technology provides expertise in a wide range of instructional solutions, from the traditional to the cutting edge, including media production, online, blended and face to face learning tools and environments, instructional design, the development courses and curriculum, and more. We also facilitate the Quality Matters Program at UNTHSC, provide Assessment Assistance for tests, rubrics, surveys, and use of PeerWise and Qualtrics and oversee Online Course Design and Delivery at UNTHSC
  • Faculty Professional Development at the CIL includes  Development, Training and Events on teaching and learning topics of all kinds.
  • Multimedia Production can assist you with creating multimedia assets for online, blended and face to face courses.
  • Curriculum assistance includes syllabus analysis, student focus groups to obtain information on student learning and perceptions and classroom assessment visits designed to improve students’ performance across health sciences courses.