Using Audacity to create portable lecture podcasts

Do you wish to create portable audio lectures for your students? One tool to consider is Audacity.

Audacity is a simple, free program for recording and editing audio and saving them in a small, portable format.

A great place to begin to learn Audacity would be Since the UNT University System recently purchased Lynda access for everyone, there are several short courses on using Audacity to get faculty started. Log in with your EUID and PW. More on how to get to and log in to Lynda:

Faculty could then meet one on one with CIL staff for hands on assistance with Audacity. Contact for assistance.

Two short courses to start with; See them here:

  • Learning Audacity – basic tools with exercise files to practice (1hr 53 min)
  • Audacity – Cleaning and repairing Audio (45 min)