UNTHSC Scholarly Repository

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The UNTHSC Scholarly Repository is a service of the Gibson D. Lewis Library at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. It records the history and growth of UNTHSC as an institution and the progress of osteopathic medicine as a profession. The repository preserves intellectual works created by UNTHSC faculty, staff, and students and enables discovery of these works to the international scientific community. The Center for Innovative Learning has materials on several topics in the repository:



Test Item Writing

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Blended Learning

Course Design

Knowing Your Students

Teaching Strategies

First Step in Course Planning: Writing Effective Learning Objectives

Engaging Learners in Small and Large Classes

Managing Classroom Incivilities

Teaching Psychomotor Skills

Other publication that may be of interest:

Using Copyrighted Materials in Teaching, 2014

Research Appreciation Day Education Focus, 2015

Research Appreciation Day Education Focus, 2014