UNTHSC Faculty Development Framework

The Faculty Development Framework for UNTHSC Educators provides a set of domains to guide practitioners in their development as educators and preceptors of healthcare learners. There are five developmental areas which aim to enable educators to develop themselves. The Center for Innovative Learning uses this framework to plan and deliver high quality faculty development. The Framework is aimed at educators working at the University of North Texas Health Science Center and has been adapted from the Academy of Medical Educators Professional Standards

The Framework Areas

The Framework is designed around five key areas of activity, all of which relate to the role of an educator across healthcare learning environments. This Framework will guide UNTHSC educators to develop a portfolio of expertise within their profession. As you read through the Framework areas,  please note the evidence that you can provide to demonstrate your skills as an educator. These can be skills obtained from relevant professional practice as well as skills learned in faculty development and professional educational programs.

Click on the image to download the Faculty Development Framework (.docx)

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