Top 9 Time Saving Features in Canvas for Faculty

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Are you trying to decide whether to use Canvas? Here are some time-saving tips that will help you use some of the tools that can benefit you and your students.

  1. Speedgrader – Quickly and easily grade assignments and provide feedback
  2. Message students who –  Right from the gradebook you can message students who haven’t turned in an assignment, got less than a certain score, or more than a certain score!
  3. Calendar – Calendar entries may be dragged and dropped to different dates and the changes update everywhere in your course.
  4. Inbox – Course roster is automatically loaded and updated throughout the semester; no need to look up students email addresses. Canvas messages can also be forwarded out to other e-mail systems and your replies come back in!
  5. Notifications – Ability to configure your notifications so you can be notified about things going on in your course as quickly (or not) as you desire!
  6. Google Docs – Through Canvas Collaborations Google Docs can be directly integrated you’re your course!
  7. Rubrics – Rubrics are easy to create and integrate directly into the grading process via Speedgrader.
  8. Create and add audio and video directly in Canvas – bonus that you can add these types of comments in as you’re grading via Speedgrader!
  9. What-if Grades – Yes, it’s for students, but it saves faculty time because students understand what assignment grades they need to get to get the final course grade they want!

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