Tips for Creating Educational Video

The following are tips you can use to create educationally focused video.

Why use video?
Pedagogical Benefits of Video

When NOT to use video

  • Do not use video if you are simply fiiling a talking head unless it is a very short personal message to students.
  • Do not use video if you are recording long lectures. Short video in focused chunks is more effective.
  • Do not use video if you do not provide a transcript, captions, or an equally accessible alternate version of the content.
  • Do not use video if the sound quality of your recording is poor.

Keeping Learners Engaged
How to use a three act structure to make rockin’ elearning videos

Positioning the microphone is difficult when using a mobile as it is fixed to the camera. If possible use a separate microphone. One cheap option is to use the microphone built into headphones. Here is a useful video that show a way to record sound using a mobile phone.

Shooting video
Making sure your video looks good is also important. Here are some links to advice on achieving a good recording.

Authoring tools

You can create video in PowerPoint and then upload to Mediasite.

Other tools for Video to try. These can be uploaded to Mediasite.


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