Teaching Excellence Seminar Series

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4th Annual Teaching Excellence Seminar Series

Quality learning begins with quality teaching. This popular seminar series is designed to provide a variety of effective teaching practices and strategies for the adult classroom to enhance your teaching skills. Topics will range from active learning to teaching with technology. Coming in September, 2019. Sign up for information below.

Program description: This seminar series is a 12-session series over the course of two full semesters (fall and spring). Each session will be 60 minutes long and provide lunch for those attendees who have registered for a minimum of 9 of 12 sessions. Others are welcome to attend seminars covering topics of interest and they may bring their own lunch. Sessions are Mondays from 12 noon to 1 PM in LIB 400. Lunch is for registrants of 9 sessions and is served at 11:30 AM.

This year, sessions will be aimed labeled introductory and advanced for beginning, and experienced faculty and teaching clinicians.

Those attending at least 9 of the 12 sessions will be awarded the Certificate of Completion for at least 9 hours of educational continuing education and practice over the year. Additionally, those who are willing to be evaluated by observation twice during the year and commit to implement the effective use of learned concepts by the second observation will receive the Certificate of Teaching Excellence.