Technology Based Options – Tools for Formative Assessment

Tools for Formative Assessment

Technology Based Options

Concept Mapping

There are numerous software tools where students can create concept maps digitally. A few favorites are:

Student-Generated Test Question

PeerWise is an excellent, free tool to use for student generated multiple choice questions. Follow the instructions here to access the UNT System instance of PeerWise:

3-2-1 Reflection

3-2-1 could easily be adapted into an online discussion board activity or quiz on Canvas

Differentiation Grid

Use a spreadsheet to have small groups or individuals fill cells.

Muddiest Point

  • In a synchronous (live) online class, students can write on an electronic white-board, such as Big Blue Button in Canvas.
  • An online tool free, no account required tool like Padlet ( can easily and quickly capture muddy points.
  • Use a shared (open for anonymous responses) google document to collect responses.
  • Use a polling tools as a possible way to report muddiest point via a word cloud or ranked list (vote up, vote down).