Teaching with Technology -Socrative, Screenr, Google Forms

There are hundreds of online tools that can make the learning process more fun and efficient at the same time, help educators establish authoritative yet friendly relationships with learners. But such an abundance of possibilities inevitably leads to the crisis of choice: which are the best? What to prefer? Here are some suggestions.


Socrative is well-known and well-regarded in professional educational community, and for a good reason. This tool allows you to engage your students through their smartphones, tablets or laptops during the class via various educational games and exercises. It is an excellent solution for quick quizzes, tests and assessment of current level of understanding – and it is completely free at that.


Screenr allows you to instantly create an online screen recording without the need of installing any software and learning how it works – you simply have to press a button, and that’s it. This tool is extremely helpful if you have to explain your students how a certain website works or how to use a certain piece of software without having to do it individually with each student.

Google Forms

Again, a simple solution to bypass all the tedious and repetitive personal interaction. With the help of Google Forms you can quickly create surveys: either as a basis for quizzes for your students or to be sent to their parents so that you can get the information you need from them or plan an event founded on their feedback.

Photo by tjmwatson