Teaching Essentials Course


An online course especially for new faculty (PhD students, full time, adjunct or clinical) at UNTHSC. This course covers the basics of teaching adults and having a successful classroom experience. Explore materials regarding best practice for effective and efficient teaching in the online, Canvas based course sessions. The course will take approximately 15-20 hours to complete (about 3-5 hours per week for the 4 weeks the course is open depending on your work speed).


After successfully completing this activities and assignments in this course, you will begin to:

  • Locate background information needed to teach at UNTHSC
  • Build a syllabus
  • Make contextually appropriate teaching decisions in order to teach well
  • Plan effective course activities that create a positive effect on student learning
  • Ensure alignment of course learning objectives, assessment and content
  • Locate or create lecture and materials for effective presentation
  • Develop appropriate learning and assessment activities
  • Design opportunities for feedback to and from students into your course
  • Make informed decisions about effective teaching strategies

Your grade is based on the following assignments relating to the course topics. The course is marked complete or incomplete. To receive a mark of completion, you must submit all assignments in Canvas. The assignments are:

  1. Discussion participation (7 discussions)
  2. Effective Media
  3. How do you best learn?
  4. Information you need at UNTHSC
  5. Learning Outcomes Practice
  6. Lecturing and the Evidence
  7. Plagiarism Policies
  8. Rubric Practice
  9. Seven Principles of Good Practice Grid
  10. Make Your Syllabus

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