Teaching Assistant Requirements and Process at UNTHSC

In order to have a Teaching Assistant added to a course, please complete the following steps:

  1. The TA Name, course name and number, instructor and level of TA access (masters or PhD) is emailed to canvas@unthsc.edu and copied to registrar@unthsc.edu
  2. Canvas confirms the student has/has not completed TA BootCamp If not, the student must register and complete the course. (required by DEC Policy)
  3. Registrar confirms completion of FERPA training. (required by University)
  4. NEW since last semester: Student and Supervisor completing the attached EIS Student Data Access Authorization Form (provided by registrar) in its entirety and emailed to registrar@unthsc.edu (required by University)
  5. Upon confirmation of completion of #2, 3, 4 the student will be added to the course by the registrar.

Questions? Please email canvas@unthsc.edu