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Intro to Canvas II Workshop

This session continues our Intro to Canvas workshop series. Participation in the first session is not required for participation in this session. This session focuses on several instructional technology Canvas plug-ins we have available at UNTHSC. Our goal is to provide an overview of what these services do and how you might use them to […]

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How do I use Canvas and Turnitin?

There is a new method of using Turnitin with Canvas, and it is the LTI tool. See the Quick Start Guide to Configuring Your Assignment for TurnItIn.┬áNeed more help? Visit the Canvas Community for further details on how to use TurnItIn in Canvas. Here is some specific information for instructors TurnItIn faculty guide for Canvas […]

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Using Plagiarism Prevention Tools

Plagiarism prevention tools, such as Turnitin, can be used to teach students about academic integrity and proper citation of sources, as well as to detect plagiarism. Below are some questions to think about if you plan to incorporate these tools in your classes. Discussing Academic Integrity and Plagiarism How will you bring up plagiarism and […]