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Twelve tips for flipping the classroom

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. The following tips outline the steps involved in making a successful transition to a flipped classroom approach. The tips are based on the available literature alongside the author’s experience of using the approach in a […]

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Teaching Strategies: Fink, Gagne and Smith

Dee Fink distinguished between passive and active learning. Passive learning involves students receiving information and ideas. In comparison, active learning engages students by providing rich learning experiences (doing, observing) and in-depth reflective dialog (with self and others). As an instructor, we should make an effort to design our class activities to provide such affordances that […]


Teach & Share Faculty Development

Do you want quick and easy faculty development? Teach & Share sessions let you meet other great instructors and learn effective teaching practices from wherever you are. These short online sessions give you the opportunity to connect with colleagues about the latest teaching strategies and techniques from one another. You can also share experiences and […]

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Flipping? Resources for the Flipped Classroom in Health Care Education

Links Khan, S. (2011). Let’s use video to reinvent education. TED.com—this is the Ted video http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/salman_khan_let_s_use_video_to_reinvent_education.html Vanderbilt Center for Teaching Flipping the Classroom by Cynthia J. Brame, CFT Assistant Director http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/guides-sub-pages/flipping-the-classroom/ Making Videos for Flipped Classrooms http://www.eschoolnews.com/2012/05/21/how-to-make-videos-your-students-will-love/ Stanford embraces Flipped Classroom model http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/09/09/stanford-university-and-khan-academy-use-flipped-classroom-medical-education Articles Prober, C. G., & Khan, S. (2013). Medical education reimagined: a […]

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Teach & Share: Getting Your Students to Read: 321 Purposeful Reading assignment

  Getting Your Students to Read: 321 Purposeful Reading assignment. Research (Roberts and Roberts, 2008) and experience tell us that supporting students’ reading, writing, and reflective practices is one of the most challenging aspects of learning and teaching. Learn how Dr. Oden utilizes a simple but influential tool for learning that has increased engagement and […]

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Enhance Your Teaching with Canvas

You can use Canvas to enhance your teaching in several ways: Provide opportunities for interaction between students, content, and the instructor. Deliver content from multiple sources in multiple modalities. Enable students to become more active learners outside of the classroom Gather student work via online submissions in assignments, deliver course content such as PDFs, documentation, and presentations […]