Student Generated Questions

Tools for Formative Assessment Student Generated Test Questions Basic Strategy Students generate test questions and model answers for critical areas of learning. Why would you use it? Helps instructors see what their students consider important or memorable, what they consider to be fair and useful test questions, and how well they can answer the questions […]


Using PeerWise to Engage Students

  PeerWise is an online repository of multiple-choice questions that are created, answered, rated and discussed by students. Typically, at the beginning of a term, a course using PeerWise begins with an empty repository. This grows gradually as the course progresses and students author and contribute relevant questions. All activity remains anonymous to students, however […]

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Teach & Share: Active learning Exercises in a Recitation Course

Active learning Exercises in a Recitation Course. In Dr. Amulya Tatachar’s (PharmD, BCACP) courses, she implements a variety of active learning exercises including games (Jeopardy, Taboo), Peerwise, and case-based exercises to reinforce and apply concepts. She also compares traditional case-based exercises to PeerWise on student performance and perception. Come and hear how she succeeded with […]

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Student Question Creation: A Panel Discussion

Faculty from GSBS, SCP, and SPH will talk about their experiences in using student creation of questions as an advanced learning tool. Faculty presenters: John Planz, PhD. Amulya Tatachar, PharmD. Stephen Jacob, MPH, MA, MSBA Fri. 3/18: 11:30AM -1:00 PM – EAD 719 This session is a Lunch and Learn. In order to reserve a […]

Multiple Choice Questions and Peerwise

Social learning theory (Bandura, 1986), social constructivism (Vgotsky, 1978), and communal constructivism (Tangney, FitzGibbon, Savage, & Mehan, 2001) provide research support for active student engagement in assessment within a learning community (Reilly & Denny, 2010).  Researchers have demonstrated higher performance by students who work with other students to create exam questions (Denny et al. 2008; […]