About Assessment

Assessment focuses on learning, teaching, and student outcomes. It serves as an interactive process between students and faculty that informs faculty how well their students are learning what they are teaching. Assessment is also an ongoing process that strives to continually improve the process to achieve the desired result. Planning, analysis, and continued revisions are […]

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Measurement Tool – Survey

A survey is an instrument used to collect information from people about their characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, or perceptions. Surveys typically use numeric or descriptive rating scales. Numeric: Quantifies interpretations using an increasing or decreasing numbers. Example: “1 = Strong Disagree” and “5=Strongly Agree” Descriptive: Explains interpretations using definitions or phrases to quantify level of agreement, […]

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Assessment Reliability and Validity

Reliability determines how consistently a measurement of skill or knowledge yields similar results under varying conditions. If a measure has high reliability, it yields consistent results. There are four principal ways to estimate the reliability of a measure: Inter-observer: Is determined by the extent to which different observers or evaluators examine the same presentation, demonstration, project, paper, or other performance and agree on […]

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Assessment Strategies

Characteristics of the Best Assessments Acquiring knowledge and skills in a profession is a journey to the goal of mastery.   Good assessment helps the learner by providing a clear destination, hands-on driving lessons, progress gauges, and a road map. Authentic Assessments for Small Classes Assessment  of the tasks and challenges likely to occur in […]

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Using assessment data

The most common output generated by assessment tools are response rates and achievement mastery levels. Data elicited from a multiple choice instrument contains many pieces of information that can help the instructor identify strengths and weakness of the student and the instrument itself. The figure below shows a sample of what type of data can […]

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Multiple Choice Questions

Definition: MCQs are structured assessments in which questions are presented and followed by two or more possible choices from which the test-taker selects the correct answer.  A true-false questions is the simplest example of a MCQ but generally MCQs provide 3 or more alternatives from which to choose. Application: They are quite useful in assessing […]

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Multiple Choice Question Item Construction

Step One: Before Test Construction Begins Define learning outcomes to be assessed by the test questions Construct a test matrix or blueprint to track learning outcomes and multiple choice questions Once you know the learning outcomes and item types you want to include in your test you should create a test matrix or blueprint. This […]

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Challenging Students To Think about What They’re Learning: Higher Order Thinking Questions

Challenging Students To Think about What They’re Learning: Constructing Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Multiple Choice Questions This seminar will assist faculty in constructing multiple choice questions that go beyond mere recall of facts and assessment of understanding of concepts. Faculty will participate in a hands-on exercise to create questions which can assess application, analysis, and […]

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Bloom’s Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge

In addition to Bloom’s Taxonomy for describing curriculum, assessment of curriculum should use the four levels of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK). Each level examines how the students think and are being assessed. The four DOK levels: Recall/Reproduction of a fact, information or a procedure by the learner. Skill/Concept Application where the learner uses information […]

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Assessment Resources

The most fundamental question that an assessment effort seeks to answer, whether on the course-level or program-level is: are your students learning what you intend? Assessment is therefore focused on learning outcomes and looks at teaching and decisions that teachers make as contributions to student learning. The following resources will help you make informed decisions […]


Using PeerWise to Engage Students

  PeerWise is an online repository of multiple-choice questions that are created, answered, rated and discussed by students. Typically, at the beginning of a term, a course using PeerWise begins with an empty repository. This grows gradually as the course progresses and students author and contribute relevant questions. All activity remains anonymous to students, however […]


Critical Thinking, Assessment and Motivation with Ron Carriveau, Ph.D.

Join the Center for Innovative Learning as we meet and talk assessment Dr. Ron Carriveau on January 12 and 27. Pre-registration is required. Lunch is included in this session. Ronald Carriveau earned his Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Arizona. He has extensive experience in outcomes, assessment, and standards development as a consultant, […]

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Basic Strategy for Formative Assessment

Tools for Formative Assessment Basic Strategy Concept Mapping Concept maps are drawings or diagrams used to help students organize and represent knowledge of a subject. Concept maps begin with a main idea (or concept) and then branch out to show how that main idea can be broken down into specific topics. Student-Generated Test Question Students […]

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Teaching Excellence Seminar Series 2019-2020

  4th Annual Teaching Excellence Seminar Series Quality learning begins with quality teaching. This popular seminar series is designed to provide a variety of effective teaching practices and strategies for the adult classroom to enhance your teaching skills. Topics will range from active learning to teaching with technology. Coming in September, 2019. Sign up for […]