UNTHSC studio spaces for faculty, staff, and students: The One University Studio

UNTHSC One University Studio

one university studeio banner

One University Studio is open with full-service video studio to cater to and encourage the increasing demand for high quality, professional videos for face-to-face, online, and blended classes, continuing education, and media communication.

One University Studio is located on the 4th floor of the Gibson D. Lewis Library (LIB 410) and features a main studio with professional lighting, cameras, and sets, a separate fully sound-treated voice recording booth, and a walk-in student studio.

The main studio is divided into four standard sets: an interview living room style area, a patient exam demonstration area, a Learning Glass set for engaging instructional video lessons, and a chroma key/greenscreen area. The sound-treated voice recording booth is available for faculty to create podcasts.

This space will allow for live webcasting and recording of lectures that can be shared directly within Canvas or posted as a URL. There will also be room for panel interviews with up to four experts as well as space for patient interaction and communication videos.

  • Faculty, and Staff will have access to the studio space featuring a configurable design to promote the creation of high-quality educational media. Anyone wishing to make a video should connect with the appropriate videographer
  • Students will have access to a walk-in studio and editing room and will be able to check out additional equipment from Lewis Library. A Voice-over Booth is also available.

One University Studio Facilities:

  • 2 x Broadcast Cameras with broadcast lens
  • Automated professional lighting setup
  • Handheld, shotgun and lapel microphones
  • Adjustable-height table with overhead cameras and examining table
  • Chroma key screen (green and blue)
  • Learning Glass
  • Fully sound-treated voice recording booth for podcasting and voice-over recording
  • Interview living room style area, including a love seat, 2 chairs and a coffee table
  • Editing Room

The One University Studio designated for faculty and staff must be reserved in advance and used with a collaborating media specialist at all times. All facilities will require badge access.

Contacts for the One University Studio – oneuniversitystudio@unthsc.edu

The walk-in studio space for students facilities:

  • Professional camera
  • Professional lighting setup
  • Chroma key screen (green)

The walk-in studio for students is reserved though Student Room Requests and is available 24/7. The walk-in studio will require badge access.

These additions are made possible through collaborative efforts among Office of Brand and CommunicationIncedoCETS, the Center for Innovative Learning, and the Lewis Library. This is the first time UNTHSC has offered a shared media space for everyone on campus to use.