CIL Student Studio

UNTHSC Center for Innovative Learning Student Studio

The Student Studio is available to UNTHSC students for course or degree related projects. Please review the video and the Quick Start Guide below. The Student Studio is located on the 4th floor of the UNTHSC Library

No reservations are taken for the Student Studio.The studio is available on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like more information, please email




  1. Turn on the camera and the LED light using the on/off switch on the power strip on the floor
  2. Logon to the PC using your EUID and your password
  3. Open the Panopto Recorder
  4. Make sure to use the following settings:
    • Video Capture = HDMI
    • Audio = HDMI
    • Quality = Ultra
    • Capture Second Screen only
  5. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and start Presenter mode
  6. Switch back to the Panopto Recorder using Alt-Tab
  7. In Panopto, press the record button
  8. Stand behind the BLUE line and start presenting
  9. When finished presenting, press stop in the Panopto Recorder
  10. Upload your presentation to the Panopto Server
  11. Turn off the camera and the LED light using the on/off switch on the power strip
  12. Logoff from the PC when you’re finished


  1. Logon to the Panopto Server using your EUID and password
  2. Navigate to “My Folder”, click Share.
  3. Change the access to “Anyone at your organization with the link”
  4. You can copy, save or email the link to your presentation