Strategies to Encourage Academic Honesty for Online Exams

5 Ways to Prevent Cheating

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Consider alternative high stake assessment methods

  • Use more Authentic Assessment strategies

– Project-based

– Performance-based

  • Include a formal contract – state it, sign it.
  • Clear, explicit definition of what is cheating on your syllabus.
  • Clear explicit definition of what is cheating within test instruction prior to taking.

Quiz Creation Strategies

Canvas allows you to modify settings for implementing strategies to promote academic integrity in your online course. To access the settings, click Quizzes in the left navigation panel. Then select the drop-down gear icon next to the quiz on the right. Click Edit.

You can add Question Groups (banks of questions) under the Questions tab.

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Under the Settings tab, you can select the settings for the quiz or exam.

1. Use Question Groups to randomize questions.
2. Shuffle answers in multiple choice questions.
3. Show only one question at a time–disallow revisits to a question.
4. Use a robust database of questions.
5. Use higher level questions to analyze, compare, evaluate, etc., such as case studies, essays.
6. Settings:
– a. Limit availability–exam can only be taken for a set date range.
– b. Limit duration–how long the exam is open.
7. Only reveal questions & answers after the test deadline has passed.
8. Release grades after test deadline.
9. Spot check test times for any completed below ‘realistic’ time frame.