Qualtrics User Guide

Qualtrics User Guide

This page helps Qualtrics users learn how to create useful surveys through video tutorials, written tutorials, and quick job aid links as needed.

Video Training

  • Beginning to build – Create a survey from scratch using Qualtrics’ features. Add questions, edit questions, and format your survey’s look and feel.
  • Customizing survey pathways – Learn how to present unique experiences to each respondent. Learn how to hide/ display questions and question blocks based on respondent criteria.
  • Customizing survey experience – Use advanced Qualtrics features like Quotas and Force Response to further customize your survey.
  • Distributing your survey – Get your survey to your respondents with one of the many distribution methods in Qualtrics: email, social media, QR codes, etc.
  • Analyzing your data – View your data on both an individual and aggregate level in the Data & Analysis and Reports modules.

Written Tutorials

The links below will help Qualtrics users accomplish the four most critical skills for successfully creating a survey. This section can be used as an alternative to the training videos listed above and provide useful screen shot images to enhance learning comprehension.

  • Survey Module Overview – Guide for using the Survey Builder tool to start a new survey. This tutorial will help Qualtrics users learn how to create, save, copy, and access a survey in the Survey Library.
  • Creating Questions – How-to modify question types and answer choices to collect more accurate data. The tutorial will help Qualtrics users change the look and feel of a question and apply survey logic rules to a question.
  • Distributions Overview – Contains steps for delivering a survey to respondents. After completing this tutorial, Qualtrics users will be able activate a survey and send an anonymous link to respondents.
  • Data and Analysis Overview – Information about how to access reporting features. After viewing this tutorial, Qualtrics users will be able to organize data into charts and graphs.

Job Aids

The links below provide quick help guides with step-by-step instructions for accomplishing specific task while using Qualtrics.

Start a New Survey

Change Question Type

Build Question Logic

Design Survey Look & Feel

Control Delivery Options

Modify Question Display

Embedding Special Features

Control Survey Navigation

Modify Font & Color

Prepare Data for Analysis