Qualtrics for Teaching & Course Improvement


UNTHSC has a new tool that connects Qualtrics Surveys to Canvas courses. Faculty, join us for an introductory session to this Canvas-Qualtrics tool. The learning outcome for this session is to explore the Qualtrics application that seamlessly integrates Qualtrics into Canvas LMS, allowing Canvas users to easily add, submit and manage Qualtrics surveys in Canvas courses. The session is January 28, 2020, in LIB 400 from 11 am to 1 PM.

This training does not cover How to Use Qualtrics, Advanced Qualtrics features or data analysis.

In order to attend this session, you must:

  1. Have a UNTHSC Qualtrics account. Please email canvas@unthsc.edu and ask for a Qualtrics account if you do not have one.
  2. Be listed as a teacher in a Canvas course. Not sure? email canvas@unthsc.edu to see if you have teacher access to a course.
  3. Have created at last one survey in Qualtrics. Not Sure – Go to https://unthsc.ca1.qualtrics.com and log in with your EUID and Password and make sure you have created a survey.
  4. Please complete the steps outlined in the attached document to make sure you understand Qualtrics Basics in preparation for this session.(Click to download)
  5. Still not sure?- contact robin.bartoletti@unthsc.edu

Qualtrics surveys are set-up as Canvas assignments and act as an integral part of the course. They become part of the learning experience and are not a separate task to be done after completion of the course. These are not graded items but are marked complete in the grade book.
If you meet the requirements for this session, please fill out the registration form below