September 28, 2015

Quality Matters Course Review Program

Quality Matters Course Peer Review Process at UNTHSC

UNTHSC has adopted Quality Matters for its peer-based approach to continuous improvement for online and hybrid courses. Quality Matters is a set of standards-based upon current literature, best practices, and national standards for course design. These standards can be used as a framework to design, revise and improve online and hybrid courses. An informal Quality Matters course design review is used as part of the Online Course Approval process at UNTHSC.

Quality Matters is a peer review process where UNTHSC faculty members who have completed Quality Matters training provide feedback on blended and online courses according to a set of standards (QM Rubric) for course design. After successful completion of the Quality Matters Peer Course review, the faculty member’s course is recognized as an exemplary course. These courses are also eligible to go through the formal QM Review Process and become internationally recognized as a QM certified course.

Quality Matters is

  • a faculty-driven, peer review process
  • collegial, not evaluative or judgmental
  • based upon a model of continuous improvement
  • centered on the student experience
  • collaborative
  • designed to provide specific, detailed and constructive feedback
  • designed to provide feedback on course design, not course delivery

How Does It Work?

  • Peer Course Review Process

QM Peer Review Process

How Do I to Participate?

What are the Requirements?

  • The faculty member must have worked with the Center for Innovative Learning instructional staff to develop the course to meet QM Standards or taken the Improving Your Online Course Workshop from QM (or equivalent).
  • The faculty member must have taught the course in an online or blended format for at least one term (at the time the course is reviewed).
  • The course must be completely online or a blended course.
  • The course must be designed according to the current and approved department and program Course Outcomes.

Who Do I Contact For Questions?

For help designing your course to meet Quality Matters Standards, one of the CIL Instructional Designers will assist you. Please contact:

Kim Meyer, Ph.D., MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA
Phone: 817-735-5420, Email: