Panopto Video for Students

How do I get started?

In Panopto, students can make recordings as part of their class work. For instance, students in an online class can record presentations for their classes, or students in a face-to-face class could record materials as part of a class project. In addition, student recordings in Panopto can be used as a way to proctor online exams.

Technical Requirements

To get started recording you will need a computer with sufficient power and storage (hard disk) space, and a microphone. A web cam can be added as well. You will also need access to Panopto. Most likely, your instructor will link to Panopto from your Canvas course. The recorder is available from that link.

See the Installation and Technical Requirements for details and step-by-step instructions.

Connecting to Panopto

You can access Panopto directly through Canvas. Download and install the Panopto personal capture application to any computer based on your operating system by clicking the links below. Follow these instructions to download the recorder. You only need to download the recorder one time. During installation, if prompted to enter the server information, enter:

Technical Support

Many technical problems can be solved by reviewing the information about installing the recorder. Pay particular attention to:

  • Installation/Technical requirements for the Recorder (Mac | Windows)
  • Configuration of the recorder (Mac | Windows)

If you are receiving errors about passwords, contact the Canvas Help Desk at

How to record

Editing and Managing Recordings

More Panopto features

  • How to take notes in Panopto
  • Take a quiz in Panopto – your instructor may embed a quiz in Panopto, which may be connected to the Canvas grades. Ask your instructor if there are quizzes available and if they are graded. Answer the quiz questions by selecting the correct answer using your mouse or keyboard.
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