Mediasite Video Transfer Request Form (Faculty)

By default, videos that are accessible in a previous semester are not accessible in the next semester, even if has the same Course ID and Course Number. For example, videos in MEDE.1234 in Fall 2018 won’t be accessible in MEDE.1234 in Fall 2019*.

You can request videos from a previous Course to be made available in the next course by filling out the form below. This form will give you, as a faculty member, access to previous semester’s videos and allows you to request next semester’s Modules to be added.

You can also request to be the owner of these videos. As the owner, videos will always appear in your MyMediasite list and using the search function in Mediasite. As the owner you also have full control over these videos.

*The exception is if you are the owner of the video (you uploaded the video, or, you requested to be the owner).

How to locate your course ID in Canvas: Go to Canvas and select the course you wish to reference. Make sure you are on the course Home Page. Look in the upper lefthand corner above the semester and date. The number listed is your course ID.

how to find your course ID number