Making Good Use of Student Course Evaluation Series (April-May)

Making Good Use of Student Course Evaluation Series

Much Ado
This is part 1 of a 3 part series on student evaluations of faculty and courses. Basic questions about the purposes and functions of student evaluations are considered. An overview how course evaluations are used at UNTHSC will be discussed. TBA

Lib 400
Let’s Look at the
Each year you receive a report providing both statistics and written comments from student course evaluations. Ever really wonder what your student evaluation results really mean? Part 2 of this series will cover how to interpret the results. Discussion will focus on using the information to determine what works and if there is room for making changes for improving your course delivery and instruction. TBA

Lib 400
Dealing with
Negative Feedback.
What if your student evaluations are not what you expected? Is this what students really think
about your course after you worked so hard to design it? This session concludes a three part series that will focus on coping mechanisms for dealing with non-positive student course evaluations
LIB 400

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