It’s on the Syllabus

Instructors are required to provide students with a syllabus during the first week of instruction so that students have the information necessary to prepare and perform well in courses.

There are several requirements for effective syllabi. Note especially the following:

  • Course description
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment Statement
  • University Policies

Assessment statement
Include the following statement in your syllabus: “Student work products (exams, essays, projects, etc.) may be used for purposes of university, program, or course assessment. All work used for assessment purposes will not include any individual student identification.”

Information on university policies
Your syllabus should provide information on university policies, including those related to academic integrity, disability services and institutional equity. Since policies and web links to these policies could change over time, you are encouraged to include the following web link:

Syllabus Templates

You are encouraged to use a template so that your syllabus has all the required elements. Your syllabus can contain additional information that you feel is appropriate or necessary.

This syllabus template is based on a design that was created by The Department of Physical Therapy

Photo by grace_kat