Introduction to Design Thinking I

Introduction todesign thinking at UNTHSC

Design the future! June 13, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, LIB 400

Do you have a great idea or solution for a local issue at UNTHSC? Are you willing to be a factor for creating change? This is your chance to participate in cross-institutional teams made up of faculty, staff, and students.

Design Thinking is a foundational leadership competency (Competency 7) and part of the continuous improvement process adopted by UNTHSC. This workshop is for students, staff, and faculty interested in learning or teaching about Design Thinking. This workshop is a model for teaching Introduction to Design Thinking in your own course, learning about the topic for your own growth, or for who were not able to attend the Leadership 125, Leadership Fellows or Inspire programs. We use a People Focused process that can be applied to issues, questions, and problems that involve humans.

The Center for Innovative Learning and the Office of People Development invite you to join in a 3 hour where you will be challenged with other participants to create solutions to issues, first small and then larger in scope. Together with a team, you will begin to create ideas and concepts that later lead to a prototype of your concept. This workshop is part one of our design thinking certificate.

Join us, and start designing your future! No prior knowledge is required.

Meet the facilitators:

Design Thinking Resources

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define the key concepts of design thinking
  2. Explore through examples how design thinking has been used across many disciplines
  3. Experience a hands-on application of design thinking to a selected problem
  4. Connect design thinking to your area of work


Pre-Workshop Activities

  1. Define the Key Concepts of Design Thinking
  2. Explore Examples of Design Thinking from a variety of disciplines
  3. Assess your thinking with the Neethling Brain Instrument
  4. Design Thinking Pre-Survey
  5. Observation of three problems

Workshop Activities

  1. Review of pre-work on design thinking
  2. Warm up activities
  3. Whole Brain Thinking Pairs
  4. Hands-on design thinking practice
    • Share out
  5. Applying design thinking in your area

Post-Workshop Activities

  1. Use the design thinking process to explore a self-selected issue.
  2. Meet with UNTHSC Design Thinkers for consultation, input and feedback – Part 2 of the Design Thinking certificate.
  3. Design Thinking Post-Survey

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Please note: This session includes free access to the Neethling Brain Instrument as well as lunch. Our cancellation policy is if you cancel 5 working days or less before the session, there will be a chargeback to your department of $20.00 to cover the cost.