Enhance Your Teaching with Canvas

You can use Canvas to enhance your teaching in several ways:

  • Provide opportunities for interaction between students, content, and the instructor.
  • Deliver content from multiple sources in multiple modalities.
  • Enable students to become more active learners outside of the classroom
  • Gather student work via online submissions in assignments, deliver course content such as PDFs, documentation, and presentations using Files, and grade using Speedgrader™
  • Provide practice quizzes or class surveys quickly and easily using Canvas quizzes.
  • Organize content in modules for great stand-alone resources—review materials, videos, images, and self-paced activities.
  • Use modules to try a blended teaching model such as rotation, flipped classrooms, online meetings in Conferences, etc.

Three Tools for Enhancing Your Teaching

  • Discussion

Let Canvas drive learning both inside and outside the classroom. An online discussion forum can increase the participation of students, and provide feedback to the instructor on student interaction, learning and understanding, no matter what format your course is in. Online interaction allows for further discussion of a topic. It also provides students with “think time” to reflect on course material and post more thought-out comments to the discussion board. Discussion can also be used for embedding current research or health related events into your content on the fly.

  • Conferences

The conferences tool within Canvas allows you as the instructor or your students to initiate a video conference. Conferencing can be used to meet with your students for office hours, to teach a lesson, to share a guest lecturer and more. You can have as few as two people in a conference or up to 50. Students can use them to work in groups. They can even be recorded, and are stored online for up to two weeks.

  • Peer Review

Canvas has Peer Review tool enabled through the settings for any assignment. This tool allows for anonymous or non-anonymous peer reviews. Assignment rubrics can also be used by the peer reviewers along with the other Canvas commenting features.

Although there are other features within Canvas to help enhance your teaching, we have just picked a few. Check out the upcoming events for more tools, strategies and tips:



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