Course Review Application

If you need additional information on the course review at UNTHSC follow this link.

*As the Faculty developer/instructor I agree to do the following:

  • Provide access to the course named above and its associated materials to selected trained peer reviewers. (a special “peer review” course shell will be created for the review).
  • Complete the Faculty Developer Worksheet located on the QM website to provide supplemental information to the review team
  • Participate in the pre-review conference call to discuss the instructor worksheet, ensure all members have access to the course, and answer any questions from team members before the review begins.
  • Communicate with the review team chair as needed regarding the course in review.
  • Complete the “Review Outcome Response Form” after receipt of final Team Review Report.
  • If the course does not meet standards after the initial review, contact the Center for Innovative Learning on how to proceed with course revisions, discuss the optional support resources desired, and the re-review of the course.