Checklist for Meeting Quality Matters Standard 8 – Accessibility

Quality Matters Standard 8

8.1 Course navigation facilitates ease of use. 8.2 The course design facilitates readability.  8.3 The course provides accessible text and images in files, documents, LMS pages, and web pages to meet the needs of diverse learners. 8.4 The course provides alternative means of access to multimedia content in formats that meet the needs of diverse learners. 8.5 Course multimedia facilitate ease of use. 8.6 Vendor accessibility statements are provided for all technologies required in the course.


Standard 8 Checklist

green arrow Navigation is easy and intuitive. (8.1)
green arrow Contrast is used to make text easy to read. (8.1)
green arrow Design format is consistent throughout the course. (8.1, 8.2)
green arrow Materials in the course such as video, audio or multimedia have transcripts, close-captions, accessibility features or state how students can obtain these materials in a timely manner. (8.3, 8.5)
green arrow Links to accessibility statements for all required technologies is provided. (8.6)
green arrow Information on the accessibility of the learning management system and additional required technologies is provided. (8.6)

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