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Course Design and Approval with Quality Matters

What is Quality Matters? Quality Matters (QM) is a international, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to facilitate the continuous improvement of the design of online and blended courses. QM’s goals are to improve student learning, retention, and satisfaction in online and blended courses through better course design and to reflect results of academic research on[…]

Checklist for Meeting Quality Matters Standard 8 – Accessibility

Quality Matters Standard 8 8.1 Course navigation facilitates ease of use. 8.2 Information is provided on accessibility of technologies required in the course. 8.3 The course provides alternative means of access to course materials in formats that meet the needs of diverse learners. 8.4 The course design facilitates readability. 8.5 Course multimedia facilitate ease of[…]

Checklist for Meeting Quality Matters Standard 7 – Learner Support

Quality Matters Standard 7 7.1    The course instructions articulate or link to a clear description of the technical support offered and how to obtain it. 7.2    Course instructions articulate or link to the institution’s accessibility policies and services. 7.3    Course instructions articulate or link to an explanation of how the institution’s academic support services and[…]

Checklist for Meeting Quality Matters Standard 4 – Instructional Materials

Quality Matters Standard 4 4.1    The instructional materials contribute to the achievement of the stated course and module/unit learning objectives or competencies. 4.2    Both the purpose of instructional materials and how the materials are to be used for learning activities are clearly explained. All instructional materials used in the course are appropriately cited. 4.3    The[…]

Checklist for meeting Quality Matters- Standard 3 – Assessment & Measurement

Quality Matters Standard 3 3.1    The assessments measure the stated learning objectives or competencies. 3.2    The course grading policy is stated clearly. 3.3    Specific and descriptive criteria are provided for the evaluation of learners’ work and are tied to the course grading policy. 3.4    The assessment instruments selected are sequenced, varied, and suited to the[…]

Quality Compass

Checklist for Meeting Quality Matters – Standard 5 – Learner Interaction and Engagement

Quality Matters Standard 5 5.1. The learning activities promote the achievement of the stated learning objectives or 5.2 Learning activities provide opportunities for interaction that support active 5.3. The instructor’s plan for classroom response time and feedback on assignments is clearly © 2014. MarylandOnline. All rights reserved. Standard 1 Checklist Learning activities are tied to[…]

Quality of Course Design at UNTHSC

UNTHSC has a growing initiative to address the shared concern and need for course quality. This initiative, led by the Center for Innovative Learning, is based upon the Quality Matters™ (QM) rubric and review process. The approach assures quality through training and guidance on how to develop and continuously improve courses to enhance student learning.[…]