Improving Clinical Performance and Safety Culture Through TeamSTEPPS Implementation

AHRQ hosted a webinar on April 13, 2016 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET, on the implementation of TeamSTEPPS across facilities operated by the Healthcare Corporation of America (HCA). The webinar, “Using TeamSTEPPS to Reduce Patient Harm: Strategies and Successes across Multiple Settings,” featured Bill Laxton, RN, BSN, CPHRM, Director of the Risk and Patient[…]

Teaching with Technology: EdPuzzle

You can select the start and end points from larger videos, if you only want to show students a smaller clip. You can also add your own audio commentary at any point. And you can add open-response and multiple choice questions mid-video. You can set up your own classroom right in EdPuzzle, and if students[…]

UNTHSC Scholarly Repository

The UNTHSC Scholarly Repository is a service of the Gibson D. Lewis Library at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. It records the history and growth of UNTHSC as an institution and the progress of osteopathic medicine as a profession. The repository preserves intellectual works created by UNTHSC faculty, staff, and students and[…]

It’s on the Syllabus

Instructors are required to provide students with a syllabus during the first week of instruction so that students have the information necessary to prepare and perform well in courses. There are several requirements for effective syllabi. Note especially the following: Course description Learning Outcomes Assessment Statement University Policies Assessment statement Include the following statement in[…]

Professional Development

Online Faculty Development in Teaching & Learning

UNTHSC CIL has created a series of faculty development online training courses featuring modules on the following topics: Teaching Essentials, Preparing to Teach Online, Teaching with Canvas I, Teaching with Canvas II, TA BootCamp and Designing Your Course with Quality Matters. For each of these topics, the courses consist of weekly modules which provided resources,[…]


What is a Calorie? The Snickers Challenge

In which Nate loses a bet to Neil regarding the caloric content of a Snickers bar, and hilarity (and science!) ensues. NOTE: The “Calories” listed on food labels (Calories with a capital “C”) are also called kilocalories (kcal). One kilocalorie or one Calorie is equal to 1000 “calories” (with a lowercase “c”). A single calorie[…]