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Canvas at UNTHSC Canvas Log In For Canvas Help, please email Canvas@unthsc.edu. Canvas Helpdesk hours are M-F 8 am – 5 PM Canvas Resources UNTHSC Canvas Student Orientation Canvas Technical Requirements Other Technical Support UNTHSC ITS Helpdesk Canvas Guides Canvas Video Guide Canvas Course Roles State Authorization Accessibility in Canvas Canvas provides a user experience […]

Welcome to Canvas

Canvas Hands on Training

Canvas Training is On-Demand. Use the registration form below to request a training session date and time convenient for you. Introduction to Teaching with Canvas, I – The live session is an overview for new and beginner-level Canvas users. The session includes pre-enrollment in online training for hands on within your own Canvas Practice course. […]

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A Little Canvas video – Why we use Canvas

“Through open, usable, cloud-based technologies, Canvas enables easy integration of the content, tools, and services that teachers need and students want. As the most usable, customizable, adaptable, and reliable learning platform (think 99.9% uptime), Canvas is adopted faster and deeper (or, is used in more ways by more users) than any other LMS. So, in […]

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How do I use a Canvas Page as a Student Wiki

Asynchronous & Synchronous Collaboration in Canvas There are many opportunities in Canvas for students to work collaboratively. There are two major features in Canvas that are particularly useful for student collaboration: Pages and Collaborations. Pages afford students the opportunity to collaborate in an asynchronous (multiple people editing a document at different times) fashion while collaborations […]

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How do I create a Mid-semester survey in Canvas?

The Center for Innovative Learning has created a global question bank that consists of mid-course related questions.  This information walks you through building a mid-semester survey using this question bank.  You can use all of the items in the related question bank, choose some of the questions, or add your own questions.  The general explanation […]

Welcome to Canvas

Teaching with Canvas Online Training Course

This online course is a continuation of Canvas Basic Training Part  I and covers the following Canvas topics: Course Migration Course Administration Integration with External Tools Canvas Mobile This is an ongoing, self-paced online course and can be registered for at any time. This course takes approximately 8 hours to complete.   Register here:

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Teaching with Canvas Basics Online Course

This online training course is for faculty teaching with Canvas, including those who need a refresher on using the Canvas tools. The course facilitated and self paced and has 6 modules, assignments and a final assessment. This is an ongoing course. You can register at any time. This course takes approximately 8 hours to complete. […]

Canvas Training

Canvas Training Online and Face to Face

Training on how to use Canvas is required for all faculty and staff planning to use Canvas for course(s). Training is provided both face to face and completely online. You may attend either or both for maximum training. All of the training, developed by the Center for Innovative Learning, includes information on the different Canvas […]

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Download the Canvas Guides PDF manuals?

Canvas Guides PDF manuals are created at least three times a year (roughly April/May, August/September, December/January). For the most updated content, visit the Canvas Guides. PDFs Last Updated on May 18, 2015 Canvas Guides Canvas Admin Guide Canvas Instructor Guide Canvas Instructor Quickstart Guide Canvas Observer Guide Canvas Student Guide Canvas Student Quickstart Guide Canvas […]

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How do I embed an image in a Discussion reply?

You can insert an image file directly into Discussion replies using the image icon. You can choose an image from a website URL, an image you’ve uploaded into your Canvas files, or an image from Flickr. Open Discussions In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link. Open Discussion Click the discussion title. Write Reply Create a […]

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Send a message from the Canvas Gradebook

You can use the Gradebook to send messages to your students. Message subjects are filtered based on specific assignment categories: Haven’t submitted yet—students who haven’t submitted the assignment. This category does not include students whose assignments have been manually awarded a grade. Once a grade has been awarded for an assignment (either automatically or manually), […]

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How do I use Canvas and Turnitin?

There is a new method of using Turnitin with Canvas, and it is the LTI tool. See the Quick Start Guide to Configuring Your Assignment for TurnItIn. Need more help? Visit the Canvas Community for further details on how to use TurnItIn in Canvas. Here is some specific information for instructors TurnItIn faculty guide for Canvas […]

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Canvas Commons for Instructor Sharing

The Canvas Commons helps communities of instructors share, organize, and collaboratively improve their lessons, handouts, and other teaching materials. Faculty at UNTHSC are using the Canvas Commons to: preserve activities and lessons created by a teaching community encourage mentoring and discussion of teaching practice facilitate innovative materials development encourage instructors to adapt lessons for diverse […]