Canvas Course Roles Policy

Canvas provides several different course roles:

  1. All students formally enrolled in credit-bearing courses are enrolled in Canvas using the student role.
  2. Student Audit. This role is used for students who are enrolled in current ongoing credit-bearing courses but are not seeking credit for completion of the course.
  3. This role is used for TAs in terminal degree programs (e.g. Ph.D.). This role includes the ability to enter grades, view grades, and view course analytics.
  4. TA (Limited). This role is used for TAs enrolled in a non-terminal degree program (e.g., MPH). The difference from the TA role is that TA (Limited) participants cannot grade assignments, view grades, or view course analytics.
  5. This role is used for the instructor of record for any credit-bearing course. Some programs enroll multiple faculty in this role.
  6. Course Coordinator (Staff). This role is used for staff members who are course coordinators.
  7. TCOM Faculty. The TCOM Faculty role is based on the “Teacher” role. Participants with this role can view all the same content as other Teachers, but cannot make changes to content. These participants are also able to grade in Canvas.
  8. Teacher Observer. The Teacher Observer role is used for faculty participants who need to be able to view course content, student submissions, and student grades only. These participants are not able to grade.
  9. The Designer role is reserved for those who are assisting the Teacher with creating discussions, announcements, assignments, quizzes, or other course content. The Designer typically does not perform any teaching duties.
  10. The Observer role has read-only access to course content and cannot interact with other people enrolled in the course.
  11. The tutor role is used for tutors assigned by the Center for Academic Performance (CAP). Tutor enrollment requests typically come via email daily to

Requesting Access to Canvas Courses – please review the attached document for information on requesting access.

Roles and Permissions Chart. For an accessible version of this chart, please click here.

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