How do I use Canvas and Turnitin?

There is a new method of using Turnitin with Canvas, and it is the LTI tool.

23571-200See the Quick Start Guide to Configuring Your Assignment for TurnItIn. Need more help? Visit the Canvas Community for further details on how to use TurnItIn in Canvas.

Here is some specific information for instructors

Student Information

Are you a student and want to check your writing for plagiarism?

TurnItIn is available for faculty use in Canvas. Ypu can request that your instructor use TurnItIn within your course, or you can use  free plagiarism tools found online, such as:

You can also check with the Center for Academic Performance for assistance with writing and avoiding plagiarism.

Faculty, need help with TurnItIn in Canvas? Contact us using this form and we will follow up with you:

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