Coming Soon: Blended Learning Series

Blended Learning Series

Blended Learning Faculty Development Series
Selected Mondays, September 2018 – April 2019
LIB 400, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM



Research has shown faculty often need assistance to move into a blended learning delivery paradigm  In this interactive series, the facilitators will guide participants in articulating their needs related to blended learning in order to identify possible ways that courses could be developed into an effective blended format. This coffee and tea themed series will allow participants to earn a Blended Learning Certificate.

Session 1:  Coffee Tasting – Overview of Series / What You Can Expect. Monday, September 10, 2018

Participants will explore the Blended Learning Series expectations for learning over the next 8 sessions. Participants will also have an opportunity to begin creating community through fun interactive trust building activities.

Session 2:  House BlendBlend Basics: What am I Blending and How Do I Blend It? Monday, October 8, 2018  

Dr. Kelvin Thompson will facilitate a discussion of the definition of Blended Learning, the benefits of Blended Learning best practices, reducing the potential headaches and realizing the promises of Blended Learning. Dr. Thompson serves as Executive Director for UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning and a graduate faculty scholar within UCF’s College of Education. He has collaborated in the design of hundreds of online and blended courses over the past 15 years. Dr. Thompson developed the BlendKit Course open courseware ( as part of UCF’s Blended Learning Toolkit.

Session 3:  Coffee Clatch – Blended Conversations:  How and When Will I Interact With My Students? Monday, November 12, 2018                        

Dr. Steven Crawford will assist participants in considering Models for Blended Learning from two vantage points. First, the apparent dichotomy between faculty guidance and learner self-direction from a learning design standpoint.  Second, how the student’s own need for personal expression may be leveraged in Blended Learning. Dr. Crawford is Associate Director at Arizona State University’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation. He is featured in BlendKit Course open courseware (

Session 4: Coffee Passport – Blended Content and Assignments: How and When Will I Introduce and Collect Student Work? Monday, December 10, 2018       

Participants will evaluate the level of detail appropriate for students to understand course materials, assessments, and other key blended course elements. Participants will learn best practices for presenting information in Canvas to avoid cognitive overload and as a tool for sharing effective lessons and configuring effective assessments.

Session 5:  Star Rewards – Assessing the Blend: How Will I Know My Students Are Learning? Thursday, January 17, 2019

Participants will align learning objectives with course activities to assist students in attaining required competencies and skills. Participants will consider how well their courses align between learning objectives, course activities, and assessment tools.

Session 6: Pour-Over Pairings – Using the Right Blending Tools. Monday, February 11, 2019      

Participants will visit station-based activities to explore technology tools to facilitate a positive student Blended Learning experience. Technology tools will include VoiceThread, Quizlet, Mindomo, TurnItIn and Peerwise.

Session 7:  Custom Roast – Creating the Perfect Blend: Am I Ready to Deliver? Monday, March 11, 2019

Participants will review their own course using the Blended Course Implementation Checklist to check for delivery readiness. The Quality Matters Rubric for Hybrid courses – the standard for online and blended courses at UNTHSC – will be introduced. Peer Review will be incorporated into this session.

Session 8: Frappuccino Happy Hour – Wrap-Up and Celebration! Monday, April 8, 2019             

Sharing of blended learning course designs, celebrate accomplishments, award Artisan Blender awards.