A tool for interactive learning: Articulate Rise

Rise is an online authoring tool that supports an up/down navigation approach between screens, with scrolling of individual screen content where required. It includes pre-built lesson templates optimized for different devices types and orientations, and also allows you to use learning blocks to create custom lessons.

Example Rise page

Click here for a printable RISE handout

  • Rise is most suitable for short, text-based courses. You can include audio clips and videos; however you cannot use the tool itself to sync the appearance of screen content with audio.
  • Rise does not allow adding background images/videos to lessons.
  • Quiz question formats are currently limited to single-select textual questions (MCQs).
  • See examples of what can be done in RISE here: https://community.articulate.com/articles/examples-of-rise-responsive-elearning-courses

Features of Rise:

Themes: Rise comes prebuilt themes. You can customize this theme for any particular course to suit your branding requirements by adding a logo, choosing a different or custom color for the pre-set design elements, and selecting the fonts for headings and body text.

Lesson Templates: Rise includes a set of pre-built lesson templates for an interactive content presentation like timeline, process, and labeled graphic; videos; activities; and quizzes. You can also use lesson templates to embed external content like YouTube or Vimeo videos, or other tools and published as videos, or even animations created in other tools. There is also an option to link to external content, in which case you can link to almost any type of content which is externally hosted.

Learning Blocks: Rise also gives you the option to use learning blocks to create custom lessons. Learning blocks can be stacked below one another to create specific layouts. You can choose from the Block Library to include a variety of text blocks, static graphic/image blocks, gallery blocks, multimedia blocks, and different types of interactivity blocks like an accordion, tabs, flashcards, and knowledge check questions.

Content: Based on the lesson or block you’ve selected, Rise creates the appropriate layout and includes placeholders for all the required elements. You can then go ahead and add relevant content and media in the placeholders.

Actions: All functionality is included in the available lesson and block types. At the lesson level, you can use Buttons to add links to lessons within the same course, resources hosted on the organization’s intranet, or external web links.

Media: Rise supports .mp4 video files and .mp3 audio files.

Navigation: Rise allows you to set either free or restricted navigation between lessons and sections.

Menu: Rise gives you the option to display the open menu on the left or make it accessible through a menu icon in the top bar. On smaller devices, the menu automatically collapses and is accessible through an icon at the top left of the screen. On opening, the menu shows the list of sections with the lesson titles and status.

Quizzes: Rise allows you to create separate quizzes with multiple questions. Questions and options can be randomized. The entire quiz is contained on one screen, with internal navigation between questions. Available question types as of now include text-based single-select questions (MCQs). These quizzes can be generally linked to the Canvas Gradebook for the total score of all the quizzes in a Rise module. Not recommended for high stakes testing, but great for practice tests and self-tests.

Canvas Compatibility: Rise currently creates a format that can be delivered through Canvas.

Preview: You can choose to review one lesson or the entire course. When in the PREVIEW mode, you can use the 5 device icons to choose which view to display so you get an idea of how your content will look and behave on different devices.

Output Preview: Rise allows you to share a password-protected link to a course to anyone inside or outside your organization. This allows other stakeholders to review the course prior to release.

Connect to GradeBook in Canvas: Rise can be connected to the gradebook for completion of a Rise module completion or score of assessments in a Rise module (not both). Statistics for individual pieces of Rise content is not available in Canvas.

Want to use Rise?

RISE is located in the Center for Innovative Learning. Please use the form below to arrange to use RISE in the CIL.