2016 Students and Technology Research Study


EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community collaborated with 183 institutions to collect responses from 71,641 undergraduate students across 25 countries about their technology experiences. This study explores technology ownership, use patterns, and expectations as they relate to the student experience. Colleges and universities can use the results of this study to better engage students in the learning process, as well as improve IT services, increase technology-enabled productivity, prioritize strategic contributions of IT to higher education, plan for technology shifts that impact students, and become more technologically competitive among peer institutions. View the ECAR Report here.

From the report: “American college and university students love their technology. Technology is interwoven into the fabric of modern society, and undergraduates are exceptional in their adoption of the technologies of the digital world. Those who embrace technology, by way of ownership and use, tend to own/use a lot of it. More importantly, students view it as critical to their learning experiences. In this section, we establish the importance of technology to students by offering evidence in support of these claims.”

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