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Blooms Taxonomy, Learning Objectives and Higher Order Thinking

One of the major tasks in designing a course is to determine the learning outcomes. The learning outcomes would appear in your syllabus as course and module specific objectives or outcomes. Before you set out to write your course outcomes and objectives, it is very helpful to understand Bloom’s taxonomy and higher order thinking. Benjamin […]

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Course Design Overview

When designing a course, an instructor needs to ask four major questions: Where are we going? (What are the goals of the instruction?) How will we get there? (What is the instructional strategy and the instructional medium?) How will we know when we have arrived? (What should our tests look like? How will we evaluate […]

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Teaching Strategies: Fink, Gagne and Smith

Dee Fink distinguished between passive and active learning. Passive learning involves students receiving information and ideas. In comparison, active learning engages students by providing rich learning experiences (doing, observing) and in-depth reflective dialog (with self and others). As an instructor, we should make an effort to design our class activities to provide such affordances that […]