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Using assessment data

The most common output generated by assessment tools are response rates and achievement mastery levels. Data elicited from a multiple choice instrument contains many pieces of information that can help the instructor identify strengths and weakness of the student and the instrument itself. The figure below shows a sample of what type of data can […]

Multiple Choice Questions and Peerwise

Social learning theory (Bandura, 1986), social constructivism (Vgotsky, 1978), and communal constructivism (Tangney, FitzGibbon, Savage, & Mehan, 2001) provide research support for active student engagement in assessment within a learning community (Reilly & Denny, 2010).  Researchers have demonstrated higher performance by students who work with other students to create exam questions (Denny et al. 2008; […]

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Assessment Strategies

Characteristics of the Best Assessments Acquiring knowledge and skills in a profession is a journey to the goal of mastery.   Good assessment helps the learner by providing a clear destination, hands-on driving lessons, progress gauges, and a road map. Authentic Assessments for Small Classes Assessment  of the tasks and challenges likely to occur in […]