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About Today’s Learners

Andragogy – Adult Learners Our students are different from school children in many distinctive ways. Andragogy is an instructional theory specifically for adult learners. Malcolm Knowles contends that the andragogy model has four basic assumptions about adult learners: Adults need to know why they need to learn something; Adults need to learn experientially; Adults approach […]

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Assessment Reliability and Validity

Reliability determines how consistently a measurement of skill or knowledge yields similar results under varying conditions. If a measure has high reliability, it yields consistent results. There are four principal ways to estimate the reliability of a measure: Inter-observer: Is determined by the extent to which different observers or evaluators examine the same presentation, demonstration, project, paper, or other performance and agree on […]

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Measurement Tool – Survey

A survey is an instrument used to collect information from people about their characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, or perceptions. Surveys typically use numeric or descriptive rating scales. Numeric: Quantifies interpretations using an increasing or decreasing numbers. Example: “1 = Strong Disagree” and “5=Strongly Agree” Descriptive: Explains interpretations using definitions or phrases to quantify level of agreement, […]


About Assessment

Assessment focuses on learning, teaching, and student outcomes. It serves as an interactive process between students and faculty that informs faculty how well their students are learning what they are teaching. Assessment is also an ongoing process that strives to continually improve the process to achieve the desired result. Planning, analysis, and continued revisions are […]