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State Authorization for Distance Education Programs and Students

All U.S. States require post-secondary educational institutions to be legally authorized to provide post-secondary educational instruction in their states. Many of these state laws and regulations also apply to online, distance and correspondence educational instruction offered in that state. As such, the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) and its online/distance educations programs […]

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Instructional Designer? How can they help you?

An Instructional Designer can assist faculty in completing complete the entire process of course design and development from the Analysis through to the Evaluation or they can be asked to do just one or two parts of the process. This is the same no matter the format of the course – online, hybrid or face-to-face. […]

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How do I use a Canvas Page as a Student Wiki

Asynchronous & Synchronous Collaboration in Canvas There are many opportunities in Canvas for students to work collaboratively. There are two major features in Canvas that are particularly useful for student collaboration: Pages and Collaborations. Pages afford students the opportunity to collaborate in an asynchronous (multiple people editing a document at different times) fashion while collaborations […]

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Medical News Today: New antibody treatment may protect against Marburg and Ebola viruses

The above antibodies identify and neutralize Marburg virus, which inflicts a mortality rate of up to 90%. Image credit: The Scripps Research Institute Identified in 1967 among laboratory workers in Uganda who had handled infected animals, Marburg virus was the first of the class of viruses known as filoviruses – which also includes Ebola – […]

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How do I create a Mid-semester survey in Canvas?

The Center for Innovative Learning has created a global question bank that consists of mid-course related questions.  This information walks you through building a mid-semester survey using this question bank.  You can use all of the items in the related question bank, choose some of the questions, or add your own questions.  The general explanation […]

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Medical News Today: High blood pressure linked to lower risk of Alzheimer’s

People genetically predisposed to have high blood pressure may be at lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study, though the researchers say this association is likely down to antihypertensive medication rather than the condition itself. Researchers found people genetically predisposed to have high blood pressure may be at lower risk of Alzheimer’s, […]