Medical News Today: National plan to tackle drug resistance

A survey conducted by the World Health Organization finds most countries do not yet have a comprehensive national plan to tackle drug resistance – a year after the organization warned that we are heading toward a “post-antibiotic era.” Only 34 of 133 countries that participated in the survey have composed a plan to address drug[…]

Nerve cells, blood vessels in eye ‘talk’ to prevent disease

A new study from scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) shows that nerve cells and blood vessels in the eye constantly “talk” to each other to maintain healthy blood flow and prevent disease. “It turns out these neurons produce a chemical critical for the survival of blood vessels and the survival and function of[…]

Send a message from the Canvas Gradebook

You can use the Gradebook to send messages to your students. Message subjects are filtered based on specific assignment categories: Haven’t submitted yet—students who haven’t submitted the assignment. This category does not include students whose assignments have been manually awarded a grade. Once a grade has been awarded for an assignment (either automatically or manually),[…]

Medical News Today: WHO make recommendations for naming of new diseases

What is in a name? When it comes to diseases, quite a lot, according to the World Health Organization. The organization has called for national authorities, scientists and the media to follow a set of best practices when naming new human infectious diseases in order to avoid stigmatizing nations, economies or specific people.
 The name[…]