How do I use Canvas and Turnitin?

There is a new method of using Turnitin with Canvas, and it is the LTI tool. Turnitin’s page for the LTI tool, which includes the official Admin and Instructor Guides is here: See the Quick Start Guide to Configuring Your Assignment for TurnItIn. Need more help? Visit the Canvas Community for further details on how[…]

Teaching Essentials Resources

The following are some handy resources related to online course development and teaching The How, Why, and When of Posting Resources in the Online Classroom  – article by Errol Craig Sull via Faculty Focus The Online Educator’s Complete Guide to Grading Assignments, Part 1   – article by Errol Craig Sull via Faculty Focus The Online Educator’s Complete[…]

Canvas Instructional Design Resources

The Canvas Instructure folks have developed some great content to help you along the way. Center staff has also added some great articles about course design. Note some of the links are to videos of conference presentations. Most videos about about 30 minutes long. Canvas Specific Resources Online Course Design – Keep It Super Simple[…]