Information, Development, Engineering and Analytics (IDEA)

The possibilities for digital and information innovation to address challenges confronted by the State of Texas, and forensic science as a whole, cannot be overstated. To embrace these new opportunities and challenges, CHI created the IDEA Unit, which began operations on September 1, 2021. This interdisciplinary team consists of professionals with expertise in a variety of technologies and investigative fields, including development of missing and unidentified persons systems, learning technology, data analytics, research, and evaluation.

To better support investigative and training efforts, CHI is developing multiple digital and information solutions. With support from the US Department of State?s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), CHI is developing an advanced information system to support the identification of missing persons and prevention of human trafficking in five Central American countries. This project is designed to create a technological and medicolegal framework through which the countries can share information within and across international borders to identify missing persons; develop effective methods to collect and analyze relevant information in support of investigations; and engage stakeholders to support the program?s long-term sustainability.

Additional projects already underway include the development of learning technologies to aid in the training of forensic professionals and provide education on human trafficking. Virtual reality (VR) technology is being utilized to provide more impactful learning and experiences. For example, a forensic professional will learn and practice common procedures in a virtual DNA lab; another VR tool will allow law enforcement and others agencies involved in preventing human trafficking to experience examples of grooming and recruitment often used on victims by traffickers. The efficacy of these VR modules will be assessed to measure learning, empathy and understanding of the content, and to inform future VR efforts.

Future IDEA projects will focus on the development of specialized reporting systems, creation of an unresolved cases system, and evaluation of human trafficking victimization.

The IDEA Unit is led by Lynley Dungan.

Our IDEA Team

Lynley Dungan | Team Leader

Bryan Gregory | Senior Business Intelligence Developer

David Moses | Senior Web App Developer

Brian Denton | Senior Web App Developer

Shehzad Bashir | Senior Technical Product Manager

Steven Hafner | Research Scientist

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