Center for Health Policy

RREAP: MonkeyPox

Monkeypox Rapid Resources and Evidence-Based Advisory Program (RREAP)

August 2022

Monkeypox Reap For Chp Website

The monkeypox RREAP team reviewed the current literature available to create evidence-based summaries for use by health care workers, public health workers and other stakeholders both within HSC and within the communities we serve.

The team was led by Dr. Crystal Hodge of the College of Pharmacy and Dr. Wari Allison who directs the HSC Center for Health Policy (CHP). CHP provided operational, administrative and dissemination support for the program. The team consisted of students across the breadth of health professions and disciplines making this an interdisciplinary effort and cross departmental program.

Students were organized into four sub teams each led by a faculty advisor/mentor tasked with reviewing the final resource.  The resources cover the following:


  • Epidemiology and General Information:  Faculty Advisor/Reviewer – Diana Cervantes, MS, DrPH, CPH, CIC, FAPIC
  • Clinical Presentation:  Faculty Advisor/Reviewer – Wari Allison MD, PhD, FACP, CPE, FIDSA
  • Diagnostics:  Faculty Advisor/Reviewer – Malinee Neelamegam, PhD, MPH, CPH
  • Treatment:  Faculty Advisor/Reviewer – Crystal Hodge, PharmD, BCIDP, BCPS

Our teams present the following Monkeypox evidence based summaries:

Please see additional Monkeypox Resources for more information.