Geriatrics Rotation for Residents



With the rise in population of older adults age 65+, all physicians will be expected to be knowledgeable in geriatric care. This Geriatrics Rotation serves to provide supervised, high-quality opportunities for residents to apply and transform the medical knowledge and basic clinical skills that they have acquired into clinical competence in the care of older adults while functioning as learning members of interprofessional health care teams.

By the end of the rotation, residents will increase competencies in the Age-Friendly Health Systems 4Ms Framework by participating in tasks and resources specific to each objective: What Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility. Below you will find the objectives, tasks, and resources that will be completed in order to have a successful rotation experience over the next 4-weeks.


During the 4-week rotation, trainees will be exposed to a variety of geriatric care experiences including ambulatory practice, home visits, geriatric psychiatry, and long-term care settings. Knowledge will be gained through self-study, case reviews, didactic opportunities, and hands-on experience in ambulatory, home, and long-term care settings.

Residents will examine their own attitudes toward aging, disability, and death; they are encouraged to provide empathy towards older adults and their caregivers and to appreciate the need for functional status assessments of individual patients rather than focusing on diseases alone.


You will receive an orientation email with a clinical schedule and additional information.  If you have not received your information two days before your rotation, please email 

Here are basic instructions regarding your clinical activities. For additional instructions and information, please refer to the Syllabus. 

Clinic – Clinic starts at 8am or at 1pm. Please arrive on time and please participate in the 8:10 am huddle if you are available. On the first day of the rotation, please ensure that you have access to NextGen and contact the EMR team ( or 817-735-0665) if you do not.  You should have access prior to your first clinic session.  

Clinic Expectations 

  • Professional attire or scrubs. 
  • Badge required; white coat optional. 
  • Surgical face mask to be worn in the building and additional PPE will be provided as applicable. 
  • Please self-monitor for COVID-symptoms and do not come if you have a fever or are sick. 
  • Please use the flag system outside of the exam rooms. 
  • Please finish your charting for the day before you leave for the day.  To e-sign your note, you click on “preceptor” and task your note to your preceptor. 

LTC (Long Term Care) – As a group, we visit 6 different long-term care facilities in Fort Worth.  Please contact your preceptor by text or email the day before you are scheduled with them to receive instruction on where and when to meet them.  Orientation to the LTC facility will be provided onsite.  [Please be prepared to show your COVID-19 vaccination card if requested] 


Online Self-Guided Study

Residents are to complete all available online learning modules during any down time/study time during their rotation. 

 1. Online Learning Modules found Create an account to access the content.

2. Telehealth 101 for Health Professionals & Trainees. Click here to watch the video.

3. Available to attend as your schedule permits: Geriatric ECHO Sessions. These Zoom sessions occur at different times throughout the year, usually from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. Please go to for more information and to register.


Access the following materials at


Should you have any questions regarding the materials or access to content, please contact Jessica Arroyo at 817-735-5694 or