GPLI 2020- Harris County Area Agency on Aging

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Harris County Area Agency on Aging (HCAAA) is a part of the Houston Health Department and was established in 1977 to provide federally funded social services to older adults. Services include: Access and Assistance Services, Care Coordination, In-home services. Caregiver Support Coordination, and a host of other social services supports.

Ibn Sina Foundation (ISF) is a non-profit organization, operating for 20 years in medically under-served areas. They providing medical, dental, diagnostic and behavioral health services and serve Medicare beneficiaries.



Harris County AAA

  • Paula Johnson, MPH – Bureau Chief
  • Janice Sparks, PhD – Sr. Staff Analyst
Ibn Sina Foundation

  • Dr. Hina Azam – CEO
  • Liaquat Khowaja – General Manager

Coached by Jessica Rangel, MS RN FNAP – HSC Vice Provost of Academic Innovation



We aim to comprehensively address the medical needs of the Medicare beneficiaries receiving primary care services at ISF clinics. Specifically focusing on, but not limited to, advance care planning, medication reconciliation, misuse of opioids, and satisfaction levels with the services provided. We will also implement a screening tool to identify the social determinants of health for our patients.



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