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Education and peer support to build a network of STRONG nursing homes

There are no new Nursing Home STRONG ECHO sessions scheduled at this time. You may view past sessions by visiting the Nursing Home STRONG  ECHO YouTube playlist.  Each recording is approximately 20 minutes long. You may also explore HSC-developed online materials for the nursing home workforce. The free online modules are available at any time and cover topics from recruitment and retention to dementia care and infection prevention.

2023 Nursing Home STRONG ECHO Series
Emergency Preparedness for Long Term Care

1st Wednesday of the month, from 10:30 to 11:30 am CST
via Zoom

Preparing for emergencies in long-term care facilities means more than having a plan in place. In spring 2023, Nursing Home STRONG takes a closer look at emergency preparedness. Beginning with evaluating your existing plan, the seven ECHO sessions consider how to prepare for different types of threats and manage staff and resident responses. Each session employs a combination of didactic presentations and case studies from actual situations, considering emergency preparedness from several angles.

February 1 – Evaluating your Emergency Preparedness Plan
Review regulatory requirements for nursing facilities related to emergency preparedness.

March 1 – Communication is Key
Discuss real world applications of the facility emergency preparedness plan.

April 5 – Supporting Mental Health During Crisis Times
Identify mental health needs and provide support during times of crisis.

June 7 – Special Considerations for Persons Living with Dementia
Discuss accommodations to emergency preparedness procedures to support persons living with dementia.

July 26 (date change) – Planning Ahead for Natural Disasters: Hunker Down or Clear ‘em Out!
Describe approaches for sheltering in place contrasted with evacuation for natural disasters.

August 2 – Facility Safeguards Against Internal and External Threats
Describe actions to take when confronted with an active shooter and responding to law enforcement officials.

September 6 – Avoiding Infectious Outbreak through Proactive Procedures
Demonstrate infection prevention and control procedures for unanticipated infectious disease outbreaks.


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