Older Adults and Caregivers

older adults

Through its partnership with community organizations, the Center for Geriatrics has assisted in the development of a number of resources and programs available to caregivers and older adults. These programs promote an independent and healthy lifestyle, and provide valuable information and opportunities related to the aging process.

Seniors Assisting in Geriatric Education (SAGE)

This unique volunteer opportunity is available to individuals aged 65+ who are interested in making a lasting impact on the future of healthcare for older adults. Become a SAGE Mentor!

Caregiver Support

If you are a caregiver for a loved-one with dementia, click here for resources and programs offered through the Center for Geriatrics.

Research Trials

Search the latest research and clinical trials offered at the UNT Health Science Center and find out how you can sign-up to participate.

Community Partners

Discover organizations in the community and the services they offer.

This page was last modified on May 31, 2019